Pioneer-Dietecs is Open for Business During the Corona Virus Shutdown – Order online or call 781-682-7900


Pioneer-Dietecs is Open for Business During the Corona Virus Shutdown – Order online or call 781-682-7900

Specimen Dies, Die-cutting Presses and Accessories from the Die-cutting Experts

Pioneer-Dietecs die-cutting products

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Whether you shop on our corporate site here or our Specimen Die Store at, you will find same products available on both sites. If for some reason you are having problems with this site, you can visit the Specimen Die Store at Or just call 781-682-7900 or request a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Pioneer-Dietecs is Open for Business During the Shutdown

Pioneer-Dietecs is an essential supplier to defense contractors and bio-medical companies and exempt from closures. Same products and great service on both sites. We are here to answer your questions.
Call us at 781-682-7900.
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Specimen Dies to any Specification

specimen dies- astm, iso, din

The Most Precise Dies in the Industry

Specimen dies are our specialty, with close tolerances that far exceed standards for enhanced sharpness and long die life. Pioneer manufactures dies to meet every specification—ASTM, JIS, ISO and DIN.

Pioneer-Dietecs Metrology Lab features a state-of-the-art CNC computerized measuring machine (CMM) for die inspection and certification to produce precision dies that perform consistently. Our CMM checks tolerances to 0.0001″, the tightest in the die-cutting industry. Certification is per ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and meets ISO 17025;2005 specifications. Pioneer certifies dies’ dimensional tolerances to 0.002″ and maintains a perpetual archive of each die’s history.

Buy Direct from the Die-Cutting Experts and Save

Dies to most common specifications are available online along with die accessories, die-cutting presses and maintenance plans. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, request a quote or call +1-781-682-7900.

A Complete Line of Die-Cutting Presses

die-cutting presses

Die-Cutting Presses for Medical and Industrial Applications

Pioneer-Dietecs offers a complete line of presses for a wide variety of die-cutting applications. From manual toggle presses to pneumatic die-cutting presses built for cleanroom applications, Pioneer manufactures presses for medical and industrial die-cutting applications including laboratory testing, cleanrooms, and PCB depaneling.

Have Your Dies Sharpened by the Die-Cutting Experts to Maximize Performance

Free Evaluation of Any Competitor’s DieSpecimen die in box

We will recalibrate, sharpen and polish your die to like new condition, enhancing the quality of the die, often making it better than when you purchased it. All dies are certified with a maintenance log for perpetual archiving so you can track them for future ISO referencing.

Pioneer Sharpening and Certification Service includes:

  • A certificate of compliance
  • CMM Validation Report measured to 0.0001″
  • Updated maintenance log
  • Perpetual archiving of the specimen die’s history for an ISO paper trail
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