Shop online for dies, die accessories, and presses.

Shop online for dies, die accessories, and presses.

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Pioneer-Dietecs Store

The Die-Cutting Experts

As a manufacturer of both dies and presses, Pioneer has the expertise to help you select the right die and press for your die-cutting application. The Pioneer-Dietecs Store offers dies to any specification, die accessories and maintenance plans. Pioneer also offers custom cutting dies including laser steel rule, solid-milled, forged, mated male/female, and clicker die systems.

All specimen dies are manufactured and certified by Pioneer-Dietecs, and come in a deluxe wood storage case with a certificate of compliance, maintenance log and archiving. 

Questions? Call +1-781-682-7900 to speak with a die-cutting expert.

How to Order Specimen Dies

  1. Make your die selection
  2. Choose accessories and/or maintenance plan
  3. Choose shipping options

To order, select from our list of common die types below, or search by specification. Pioneer-Dietecs makes dies to any specification. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or call +1-781-682-7900 to order.

How to Order Die-Cutting Presses

Pioneer-Dietecs Cleanroom Press

Pioneer-Dietecs Cleanroom Press

Pioneer-Dietecs offers a complete line of die-cutting presses from manual toggle presses to pneumatic cleanroom presses. The following press models are available for purchase online:

Request a quote for a custom pneumatic press.

Dies by Specification

ASTM Standard Specimen Dies
ASTM C-1275 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-256  500.00 ORDER
ASTM D-395 Type 1 – 1.140″ Diameter Compression 535.00 ORDER
ASTM D-395 Type 2 – 0.510″ Diameter Compression 470.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-A 920.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-B 920.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-C 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-D 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-E 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-F 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-412-R 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-470 Trouser Tear 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-5034 6″ x 4″ 970.00 ORDER
ASTM D-570 1″ x 3″ 795.00 ORDER
ASTM D-624-A 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-624-B 865.00 ORDER
ASTM D-624-B w/Chisel 890.00 ORDER
ASTM D-624-C 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-624-T Trouser Tear 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-638 Type I 920.00 ORDER
ASTM D-638 Type II 970.00 ORDER
ASTM D-638 Type III 1105.00 ORDER
ASTM D-638 Type IV 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-638 Type V 795.00 ORDER
ASTM D-746 Standard T-50 Tensile 675.00 ORDER
ASTM D-746 Modified T-50 Tensile 675.00 ORDER
ASTM D-751 4″ x 6″ Grab Test-Forged Die 500.00 ORDER
ASTM D-751 Tongue Tear 3″ x 8″ w/Chisel Forged Die 600.00 ORDER
ASTM D-816-B 1″ x 5″ 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-882 1″ X 6″ Elongation 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1004 Initial Tear Resistance 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1043 885.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1203 885.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1204 10″ x 10″ Forged Die 700.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1424 Elmendorf Original or Improved 975.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1708 675.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1822-L 795.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1922 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-1938 Trouser Tear 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-2084 1.2″ Diameter 500.00 ORDER
ASTM D-2084 3.0″ Diameter 500.00 ORDER
ASTM D-2137-A 525.00 ORDER
ASTM D-2406 835.00 ORDER
ASTM D-2523 1,150.00 ORDER
ASTM D-3574-E Tensile 935.00 ORDER
ASTM D-3574-T Tear 935.00 ORDER
ASTM D-4482 795.00 ORDER
ASTM D-4533 Trapezoid – Forged Die 855.00 ORDER
ASTM D-4745 675.00 ORDER
ASTM D-6693 835.00 ORDER
ASTM E-345 Type A 1105.00 ORDER
ASTM E-662 3″ x 3″ 835.00 ORDER
ASTM 3/32″ x 5″ 795.00 ORDER
ASTM 1/4″ x 6″ 835.00 ORDER
ASTM 1/2″ x 3″ 675.00 ORDER
ASTM 1/2″ x 5″ 835.00 ORDER
ASTM 1.079″ x 5.079″ 835.00 ORDER
ASTM 1″ x 1″ 675.00 ORDER
ASTM 1″ x 6″ 835.00 ORDER
ASTM 1″ x 8″ 920.00 ORDER
ASTM 1″ x 12″ Forged 525.00 ORDER
ASTM 6″ x 6″ Forged 525.00 ORDER
ASTM 8″ x 8″ 1,675.00 ORDER
ASTM 12″ x 12″ Forged 750.00 ORDER
ASTM 10mm X 70mm 795.00 ORDER
ASTM 58mm Diameter 690.00 ORDER
ASTM 4.442″ Diameter 835.00 ORDER
AS 1145 – Type 5A 835.00 ORDER
Pioneer-Dietecs makes dies to any specification. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, request a quote or call +1-781-682-7900 to order.

DIN Standard Specimen Dies
DIN C0024 – Type C 835.00 ORDER
DIN H2 Tensile Die 835.00 ORDER
DIN S2 Tensile Die 835.00 ORDER
ISO Standard Specimen Dies
IEC 260-12 835.00 ORDER
ISO 3376-Standard 835.00 ORDER
ISO 3376-Large 920.00 ORDER
ISO 34-1A 835.00 ORDER
ISO 34-1B 835.00 ORDER
ISO 34-1C 865.00 ORDER
ISO 34-2 890.00 ORDER
ISO 37 Type 1 835.00 ORDER
ISO 37 Type 1A 835.00 ORDER
ISO 37-2 835.00 ORDER
ISO 37-3 795.00 ORDER
ISO 37-4 775.00 ORDER
ISO 178 – 10mm x 80mm 760.00 ORDER
ISO 527-2 Type 1BA 835.00 ORDER
ISO 527-2 Type 1BB 675.00 ORDER
ISO 527-2 Type 5A 835.00 ORDER
ISO 527-2:2012-06 Type 1A 920.00 ORDER
ISO 527-2:2012-06 Type 1B 960.00 ORDER
ISO 527-3 12mm x 250mm 920.00 ORDER
ISO 527-3 Type 4 950.00 ORDER
ISO 527-3 Type 5 835.00 ORDER
ISO 6259 – Type 2 835.00 ORDER
ISO 13937-2 Trouser Tear 1020.00 ORDER

JIS Standard Specimen Dies
JIS K-6251 Type 5 835.00 ORDER
JIS K-6251 Type 6 835.00 ORDER
JIS K-6301 Type 1 835.00 ORDER
JIS K-6301 Type 3 835.00 ORDER

Pioneer-Dietecs makes dies to any specification. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, request a quote or call +1-781-682-7900 to order.

Die Accessories
  • Mallet Handles: $150.00
  • Shanks for Toggle Press: $150.00
  • Universal Shanks for Toggle Press: $150.00
  • Wallace Shanks: $150.00
  • NAEF Holders: $300.00

To order die accessories, make your die selection, and then choose the appropriate accessories. No shipping fee for accessories when shipped with dies.

World of DieCutting

World of Die-cuttingOrder the bible of die-cutting by World-renowned die-cutting and die-making expert Bob Larson. From materials and die-cutting surfaces, to die-cutting tools and presses, The World of DieCutting is your resource for the die-cutting process.

World of Diecutting: $39.95 ($10 off cover price of $49)

For free shipping, make your product selection, and then select World of Diecutting as an add-on product. To order the book only, shipping charges will apply.

Specimen Die Maintenance Plans
Pioneer annual sharpening and certification price is $150 per die. A prepaid plan saves you over 30% per sharpening.

3 Year Prepaid Maintenance Plan $300 — Save $150*
The 3 year plan includes three annual sharpening & re-certifications for the price of two.

5 Year Prepaid Maintenance Plan $500 — Save $250*
The 5 year plan includes 5 annual sharpening & re-certifications.

To order a maintenance plan, make your die selection, then select your maintenance plan.

Specimen Die Presses

Toggle Presses
Pioneer-Dietecs Small Toggle Press

small Toggle press

Toggle Press 1,945.00 ORDER
Small Toggle Press 1,275.00 ORDER
Toggle Press Cutting Pads (Set of 3) 96.00 ORDER
Universal Shank for Toggle Press 150.00 ORDER

S250 Specimen Die Press

The Specimen Die Press
pneumatic press for die-cutting specimen dies

The S250 Specimen Die Press is optimized for specimen dies and other small die-cutting applications. Ideal for die-cutting tensile and tear physical testing samples in a laboratory, the S250 is also good for general die-cutting of small parts and prototypes.


  • 6″ x 6″ Work Area
  • 2 Tons
  • $4,995*

Custom Presses
M400 Benchtop Press
  • Work Area: 8″ x 8″
  • Pressure: 2 Tons
  • $6,495*
M500 Benchtop Press
  • Work Area: 8″ x 12″
  • Pressure: 2 Tons
  • $12,750*
M600 Benchtop Press
  • Work Area: 14″ x 14″
  • Pressure: 6 Tons
  • 80/20 Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Moveable/Lockable Wheels
  • $19,445*

Pioneer-Dietecs offers a complete line of custom pneumatic presses for medical cleanrooms and other die-cutting applications.

View Complete Line of Presses

Shipping & Handling

Continental U.S. Shipping

Die Shipping

All dies shipped UPS ground for a flat rate of $35 per die in the continental U.S. Standard shipping and handling fee includes certification, wood storage container, maintenance log, perpetual die history archiving, and/or other fees, if applicable.

For faster shipping, choose 2nd day air or overnight delivery when ordering. Dies not in stock typically take 3 to 5 days to complete. Please contact us if your requirements are urgent.

Press Shipping

  • Toggle presses shipped UPS ground for $96.00 per press including crate, freight, and insurance.
  • S250 presses shipped UPS ground for $700.00 per press including crate, freight, and insurance.

Accessories Shipped FREE

No shipping or handling fees for accessories when ordered with dies or toggle presses. Please make your product selection first and then choose accessories.

International Shipping Costs

All products shipped outside the continental U.S. shipped USPS International.

Region Dies S250 Press Toggle Press
Canada $45 $710 $125
Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico $125 $725 $245
Europe $125 $725 $245
South America $180 $925 $325
Asia $195 $975 $375
Australia, Oceana $180 $925 $325
Pioneer-Dietecs makes dies to any specification. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, request a quote or call +1-781-682-7900 to order.

Have Your Dies Sharpened by the Die-Cutting Experts to Maximize Performance

Free Evaluation of Any Competitor’s DieSpecimen die in box

We will recalibrate, sharpen and polish your die to like new condition, enhancing the quality of the die, often making it better than when you purchased it. All dies are certified with a maintenance log for perpetual archiving so you can track them for future ISO referencing.

Pioneer Sharpening and Certification Service includes:

  • A certificate of compliance
  • CMM Validation Report measured to 0.0001″
  • Updated maintenance log
  • Perpetual archiving of the specimen die’s history for an ISO paper trail
Learn More