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ASTM Laboratory Specimen Cutting Dies

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Dies Engineered for Precision

Pioneer-Dietecs manufactures specimen dies with multi-axis traveling wire electrical discharge machines (EDM). All Pioneer dies are EDM'd inside and out for uniform, controlled bevels to enhance sharpness and minimize cut-part distortion. Each die is certified to ASTM, JIS, DIN or ISO standards. Custom dies to proprietary specifications are also available.

Each Pioneer-Dietecs specimen die comes in its own deluxe wood storage case along with a certificate of compliance, maintenance log and archiving. When a die requires maintenance it can be returned to Pioneer-Dietecs for reconditioning, sharpening, re-certification and archiving of the maintenance log for an ISO paper trail.

ASTM Specimen Dies to Any Specification

Pioneer-Dietecs makes specimen dies to any specification. For a complete list of ASTM specimen dies, visit our online die store.

How to Order Specimen Dies

Pioneer makes it easy to order specimen dies by offering a variety of purchasing options.

  • To order your precision specimen dies and accessories online, visit the Pioneer-Dietecs Specimen Die Store.
  • For personal service, call our factory direct at 781-682-7900 Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern standard time to speak with a die-cutting expert to answer your questions and/or take your order.
  • To request a quote online, fill out a simple quote form and we'll get back to you with a quote for your die-cutting project.

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For more information or to order, call 781-682-7900 or us.