Shop online for dies, die accessories, and presses.

Shop online for dies, die accessories, and presses.



Pioneer-Dietecs Products

Specimen Cutting Dies — Dies engineered precisely to ASTM standards for every specification including ISO, DIN and JIS. Visit the Pioneer-Dietecs Specimen Die Store to order specimen dies, accessories and toggle presses online.

Custom Cutting Dies — Custom cutting dies including laser steel rule, solid-milled, forged, mated male/female, and clicker die systems.

Die-Cutting Presses — Custom pneumatic presses with air-logic for semi-automatic cycle of the die ram, presses specifically built for die-cutting in a cleanroom, and manual toggle presses.

Cleanroom Diecutting Systems – Pioneer cleanroom presses are built specifically for cleanroom applications. These presses are complimented with stainless steel cutting dies capable of withstanding the temperature and sterilization processes of an autoclave to provide a complete diecutting system for cleanrooms.

Depaneling Systems — Cost-effective, stress-free, press-based PCBA depaneling systems for singulating both tab-routed and v-scored circuit boards.