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Pioneer-Dietecs Cleanroom Press

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Clean, quiet presses for cleanroom applications

Designed specifically for cleanrooms, Pioneer cleanroom die-cutting presses are all pneumatic and built with our proprietary air-logic system for clean, quiet operation. The Pioneer-Dietecs cleanroom press is suitable for all cleanroom die-cutting applications including medical specimen dies to all ASTM standards.

The cleanroom die-cutting press features a NEMA pneumatics enclosure that's water-tight, environmentally secure, and sturdy to protect against dust, splashing water, wash-downs, and other contamination. Cleanroom die-cutting presses are available in standard sizes or can be built to any size with custom features available to meet your requirements.

Semi-Automatic Cleanroom Press

semi-automatic cleanroom press

Cleanroom Press Design Specifications

  • Standard sizes from from 6” x 6” to 24” x 24" with any size available on request
  • Tonnage from 1 ½ to 18 Tons
  • Totally pneumatic presses with Pioneer-Dietecs proprietary Air-Logic
  • Can be configured for manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Cutting surface of stainless steel or FDA approved plastic
  • Custom features available to suit specific needs

Pneumatic components enclosed in a waterproof box

  • Pneumatic plumbing between components consists of flexible tubing
  • Plumbing entering and exiting the cleanroom press is stainless steel tubing, stainless steel clad flexible hose, or equivalent
  • Pressure gauges available in stainless steel
  • All non-stainless pressure gauges mounted inside the enclosed box

Cleanroom Press hardware is stainless steel, anodized aluminum or powder-coated steel

  • Shuttle table handle is stainless steel
  • All aluminum components are anodized.

All exhaust air connected to an external tank with check valve

The external tank has a pressure gauge attached with two exhaust output ports for venting outside the cleanroom.

Wash-down features available

  • Cleanroom press can be equipped to withstand wet processing in the cutting area (i.e. spraying with hydrogen peroxide for sanitizing)
  • No through holes on cutting plate
  • All tapped holes blind or plugged
  • Cutting table linear sliding rail of stainless steel or equivalent

Request a quote for a cleanroom press

To request a quote, send us your work area size requirements and any other specifications for your cleanroom die-cutting press or call 781-682-7900. View cleanroom press data sheet.