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Pioneer-Dietecs Products

Die-Cutting Presses

cleanroom die-cutting press

Die-Cutting Presses

Pioneer-Dietecs offers a full range of die-cutting presses — from manual toggle presses to pneumatic die-cutting presses built for cleanroom applications. Our pnuematic presses are all-pneumatic with Pioneer's proven air-logic systems for semi-automatic cycle of the die ram. Custom-built to your specifications, Pioneer presses can handle a wide range of die-cutting applications. Pnuematic die-cutting presses are available in 4 configurations — benchtop, semi-automatic, free-standing and cleanroom presses.

speciman die press

Pneumatic Presses

Pneumatic presses are cleanroom messy hydraulic oil. Pioneer offers benchtop, semi-automatic, free-standing and cleanroom die-cutting pneumatic presses

cleanroom die-cutting press

Cleanroom Press

Pioneer offers cleanroom presses for medical and other cleanroom applications. Cleanroom presses ideal for die-cutting in a cleanroom.

toggle press

Toggle Press

Manually-operated toggle presses for basic die-cutting applications. Choose from two toggle presses for manual die-cutting.