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Depaneling Systems


Stress-Free Depaneling for Tab-Routed and V-Scored PCB's

Change Dies in 30 Seconds — Easy as 1-2-3


Step 1

Place the printed circuit board panel on tooling locating pins.


Step 2

Now the press depanels the array and presents the singulated PCBs to the operator in 5 to 10 seconds.


Step 3

After singulation, open the shuttle table and easily remove the PC.


Our unique floating die plates eliminate time consuming die installation and expensive setup costs typically required for close tolerance registration. Dies can safely singulate within ½ mm of ceramic components and fine trace lines with no stress or strain to adversely affect fragile PCB’s for semiconductors or other delicate applications. Works equally well on skip-tab-routed or v-scored arrays.

First, an operator registers the panel on tooling-hole pin locators on the lower die plate. Closing a cover triggers the operation, shuttling the lower die plate on linear guide rails into the press. After depaneling takes place, the shuttle table automatically returns to the home position and the cover opens, allowing the operator to remove the singulated PCB’s. The entire cycle, loading to unloading, takes as little as four to six seconds.

Let Pioneer design a turnkey system for your depaneling process.

Send us a CAD file, pdf or sample array and we'll quote a turnkey system including both dies and presses you need to completely singulate your printed circuit boards.