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CNC Cutting Dies

cnc cutting dies

Cutting Dies Engineered for Precision

Pioneer-Dietecs manufactures cutting dies with multi-axis traveling-wire electrical discharge machines (EDM). All Pioneer dies are EDM'd inside and out for uniform, controlled bevels to enhance sharpness and minimize cut-part distortion. Custom dies to proprietary specifications are also available. All dies are available in stainless steel.

Pioneer-Dietecs offer sharpening service for reconditioning, sharpening, re-certification and archiving of the maintenance log for an ISO paper trail.

Solid Milled Clicker Dies

solid milled clicker die die

A solid milled clicker die is a very accurate, strong cutting die that produces close tolerance precision parts. Pioneer Solid milled clicker dies are CAD-designed, machined with wire EDM, and/or milled on our CNC machining center.

Materials cut with solid milled clicker dies include:

  • Gaskets
  • Medical Products
  • Industrial AeroSpace Parts
  • Electronic Components
  • Flexible Circuits


Forged Clicker Dies

2 cavity die

Forged Steel clicker dies are an excellent choice for many cutting applications of soft to semi-rigid materials. They are produced with a forge bent and welded blade and then heat-treated to suit the application and material.

Materials cut with clicker dies include:

  • Gaskets
  • leather
  • Cloth
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Plastics


Steel Rule Dies

steel rule die

A steel rule die has a bent piece of steel rule cutting blade embedded in a laser produced die board. Depending on the nature of your cutting applications, many blade and board types are available to achieve a large range of cutting results.

Common materials cut with steel rule dies

  • Gaskets
  • Paper
  • Corrugated Board
  • Packaging


Solid Milled Punch Dies

Solid milled punch dies cut many materials and can be used either individually or as inserts into larger cutting dies. These dies are machined from a single piece of tool steel with no welds. These dies are excellent for producing small accurate parts or building complex details into larger cutting dies.


Mallet Handle Dies

mallet handle

A mallet handle die is basically a conventional cutting die with a handle welded or fastened to it.  The cutter holds the die in one hand and strikes the handle of the die with a rawhide mallet held in the other hand, forcing the die through the material to cut without a die cutting press. This is the oldest method of die cutting that is still used today in situations where production levels don't warrant the purchase of a cutting press.

Common materials cut with mallet handle dies:

  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Rubber
  • Paper


Specialty, Combination & Hybrid Dies

specialty die

Specialty, combination and hybrid cutting dies are built for special applications that can't be met by one of the standard dies. Cutting requirements may require that components from two or more of the die types listed above be incorporated into one cutting die.

At Pioneer-Dietecs, our many years of die making and die cutting have given us the experience to effectively combine the best aspects of many parts of industry technology into hybrid tooling that precisely meets the needs of your most demanding applications.

Order CNC Cutting Dies

To order CNC cutting dies, call 781-682-7900 or request a quote.

*Prices include: Certification, Wood Storage Container, Maintenance Log, Archiving; FOB Weymouth, MA USA; Price subject to confirmation when ordered; credit card fees may apply.